Flameproof sheet materials for railcars



We offer a broad assortment of sheet materials for the interior of railcar vehicles that meet the requirements of most fire safety regulations.

Our sheets are classified according to DIN 5510-2, AFNOR NF F 16-101, BS 6853, and CEN TS 45545. The corresponding test reports are available upon request.

Our opaque EUROPLEX® F (polycarbonate) and EUROPLEX® PPSU sheets are ideally suited for vacuum deep-drawing and can be used for molded parts of seats and window frames, while EUROPLEX® PPSU (polyphenyl sulfone) is a material for large-scale wall and ceiling components. This meets the highest fire safety regulations in terms of burn-up speed, smoke gas density, heat release, and toxicity. We also offer transparent sheets for light covers, separators, and other window elements used for interior railcar design.


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