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Evonik has been producing its own PEEK compounds since 2006, which are distributed under the brand name VESTAKEEP®. Our product portfolio has been consistently expanded with additional polyether ketone compounds since then and we added PEEK films in 2008.

Unique combination of outstanding properties

VESTAKEEP® films are flexible and light, allowing for durable, cost-efficient products. PEEK films combine the flexibility and the low weight of a film with the unique properties of polyether ether ketone (PEEK):

  • High temperature tolerance, low creep tendency

  • Processable in lead-free soldering

  • Low abrasion, good sliding properties

  • Excellent resistance to chemicals

  • Easy to punch and cut; good thermal shaping properties

  • Good electrical properties, even in moist environments


Crystalline and amorphous film types available

Customers can choose from a variety of film types. Our crystalline type offers all the benefits of a PEEK film.

For thermally shaped parts, we also offer amorphous films, which have particularly low shrinkage and can be used to manufacture thin-walled parts with extra-low wall thickness tolerance.


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